As you know Riviera Maya is full of beautiful nature and that is what makes this region great. Sadly the closest to nature you are the more probable mosquitoes will be.

On this post I am going to focus on the best way to achieve not been bitten by our lousy flying friends. THE MOSKITOS!!!

What to do against mosquitos in Playa del Carmen?

My advice is to buy a cream called OFF ( You can buy it on Wall Mart or on any supermarket in Playa del Carmen.

Put a little bit in your feet always and around the heels, I do not know why but this is the favorite area or more tasty for mosquitos.

If you will like to stay on an open place (like a garden or a terrace) you will need to buy RAID made ESPIRALES.


If you would like to sleep with the windows open also buy one of the products that connect to the electricity against mosquitos.

The appartment has a lot of wind and the breeze comes straight from the ocean. So we do not have as many mosquitoes as in other parts of Playa del Carmen.

Finally if you are very sensible to mosiquito bites go to a pharmacy at your home town and buy some medical cream. It is better to prevent and to stay happy in your vacations.