This post is for all my guests that visit Menesse on the Beach. If you are reading this is probably because I sent you an automatic message with all this valuable information.

Enjoying your stay in Menesse on the Beach and Playa del Carmen is in big part because you will eat delicious food. Most of the restaurants I am going to recomend you are very near the condo so take note:

Here is the list:

EL PIRATA – ((1) Pescaderia Y Cokteleria El Pirata | Facebook) – Best seafood ever!! You have to pay in cash. The waiters are not very gentle, the service is not the best, but the food… Oh! My! God!! … I always order a “Ceviche Mixto”. It gets crowded in weekends. To get a place try to arrive around 1 pm or after 4 pm.

Salento ( – Best Italian food in Playa del Carmen. Good prices and delicious pasta and pizza. I enjoy very much having dinner there with a class of wine.

Ah! Cacao! ( – Perfect for a Coffee and a desert. They sell great chocolate bars. Coffee lovers will be very happy here. My advise is to buy Coffee Powder here for your stay. And chocolate bars!

La Brioche – ( – Excellent for breakfast and to buy bread. This is a cafe with excelent bread!! The favorite bread in the entire earth of Chloe (my french girlfriend and bread lover) is “Pan de Cereales”.

La Cueva del Chango ( – Top place for mexican breakfast and a glass of fruit juice! it gets very crowded in the morning because everyone wants to have breakfast there. Arrive early of be calm. In front of la Cueva del Chango is La Brioche, if you cannot wait go to La Biroche.

Las Hijas de la Tostada ( – Seafood tostadas: shrimp, fish, tuna … DELICIOUS!! I enjoy the Micheladas (bear with lemon). here very much.

Off the Vine ( – Perfect to enjoy a glass of wine in the night, sometimes there is good music (jazz or blues). I go there to buy wine and FOCACCIA!!

There are the best of the best and they are very very near of the appartment. You will notice that in Calle 38 there are many more. I put in this post just my favorites.