You might be reading this post because you have already checked-inn and you are hungry. You have travelled a lot so I will go straight to the best spots around Menesse on the Beach.


Most guests arrive after 6 pm. That is why I firstly advice where to have a delicious dinner nearby.

  1. Las Hijas de la Tostada (5a Avenida with Calle 38) – Excellent place to have some delicious seafood tostadas. My favorite is the tostada of “Carnitas de Atun” but it has some spice. If you do not like spicy food I advice to try the “Tikal”, “Bonampak” or “Uxmal” tostada.
  2. La Piola (Calle 38 with 1ra) – A clean place that closes the latest and is next to Las Hijas de la Tostada. Not spectacular but very practical. Here you can ask for good pizza.
  3. El Local (Calle 40 with 5ta) – An Argentinian restaurant where you can have a nice pizza and meat.
  4. CMC Centro Mexicano Cervecero (Calle 40 with 5ta) – This is my favorite bear bar to chill out. Here you can ask for a delicious artesanal bear. If you are hungry ask for the “Sopecitos”. They serve Mexican Food and I advice to ask for Mexican Food in the restaurant. They sell a hot-dog that I do not like very much, do not ask for that.
  5. Of the Vine (Calle 40 with 5ta) – Are you more into wine than bear? This place is very relaxing, and great if you would like to have a bottle of wine. The baguettes are the best.

As you see all this restaurants are less than 200 meters away from Menesse on the Beach. This is one of the aspects that makes the location so great.


  1. La Cueva del Chango (Calle 38 with 1ra) – This is the best place to have breakfast in all Playa del Carmen. I promise. The restaurant is beautiful and the food is amazing. Have a fruit juice and ask the waiter for advice. They are always very friendly. The chef every day offers a special dish and a fruit juice of the day. I recommend bringing with you some Moskito Repellent. You will eat surrounded by nature and our little friends might be flying around. Also arrive early or be patient because sometimes it gets crowded and you might have to wait to get a table. What I do is go before my family and ask for the table. While I wait for the table they finish dressing and waking up. You can ask for drinks while waiting.
  2. La Brioche (Calle 38 with 5ta) – This small boulengerie has the best Cereal Bread in the world. My french friends have confimed it. If I want to have breakfast at home I always wake up and buy a Cereal Bread (price 40 pesos / 2 usd / 2 euros). Then I return home and eat it in with coffee, peanut butter or whatever I want. You can also have breakfast here and all dishes are good.
  3. Chez Celine (5ta with Calle 34) – Chez Celine is a little bit farther than the other restaurants. Ir is not far (4 streets away), but given that all the previous are really just around the corner you might get too pampered to walk a little bit more. Chez Celine is a French Bollengery that has excellent bread and breakfasts. It is also a good place to go around 5 pm because they offer a free drink if you by a dessert. That promo existed the last time I was there.


I will only advice one place for lunch. “El Pirata” in Calle 40 between 5ta and 10 street is a local traditional restaurant of seafood that exists long ago.

This is one of the only places that has survived the development and modernity rush of Playa del Carmen. In my opinion, the best traditional and local experience you can have in Playa del Carmen and maybe in all Riviera Maya. Just steps away from Menesse on the Beach!

If you like seafood you will never forget this place.

They only accept cash and it might get crowded. Try going around 1 pm or after 5 pm. The Ceviches are my favourite. The Pulpo a la Diabla is perfect for those who like spicy food. And if you are very very hungry I advice the “Arroz a la Tumbada” (kind of paella).

What I usually do is ask for Take Away food. I bring all the ceviches and everything I bought to the appartment and eat it in the terrace or the rooftop.

Writing this article has made me very hungry!