In this post I will explain where to get alcohol, groceries and things for babies near Menesse on the Beach.

Groceries at 7-ELEVEN or Oxxo

These two are mini-supermarkets where you can find basic groceries. Included basic things for babies and baby food (in Mexico called GERBER). If you want to make big shopping my advice is to go walking to Mega Comercial and return with a taxi, which costs around 70 mexican pesos (3.5 usd). Walmart is a little bit farther so I would go and come back on a taxi although you can also go walking.

There are many 7-Eleven and Oxxo near the house. I like 7-Eleven better because they have good beer, I prefer the beer from Grupo Modelo: Corona, Modelo Especial, Pacífico, etc…

In Oxxo you will find beer from Cervecería Cuahutemoc: XX, Indio, Tecate and some others.

Where are the 7 Elevens? We have two very near. Getting outside of the building turn left to CTM street which is 2 blocks away. Then turn right to the beach and you will see it on your left. I usually go to this 7-Eleven to pick up some beers when I am going to the isolated beach that is passing the hotel Reef Coco Beach. The best way to get to this beach is passing next to the hotel, not through the beach. You might also be interested in looking at this post:

Buying Alcohol

There is a store next to Menesse on the Beach called Of the Vine, you can buy excellent wine here and also some fine snaks: french cheese, olives and spanish serrano jam.

Beers! Go to 7-Eleven or Oxxo. They have excellent and very cold beer.

Whiskey, tequila and all the other stuff. DO NOT GO TO THE TEQUILA STORE IN 5th AVENUE. This store is very expensive and a tourist trap. The best place to go to buy alcohol is LA EUROPEA. Oxxo and 7 Eleven also sell alcohol, but la Europea is much better.

Delivery services in Playa del Carmen

Check all this out depending on what you want: