Hello to all,

This post might be a little bit weird but it is super useful for all foreginers visiting México.

Rules to avoid clogged toilets:

Just throw to the toilet the 3P: poop, pee and paper… Watch this video: 

Finally please follow these steps to poop and avoid clogged toilets in Mexico :

  1. Let the first pieces of poop out and flush inmediately You will not only avoid clogged toilets, you will also avoid bad smell.
  2. Continue the pooping process and flush again if necessary before starting cleaning
  3. Wipe your behind with 4 to 6 bended pieces of paper. Repeat the process max three times and flush again!!
  4. Repeat the process until you feel clean.
  5. Wash your hands

Flushing many times is better to avoid clogged toilets and bad smell.

Toilets in the US, Canada and Europe usually have more power. In Mexico most toilets today are water saving due to a law.

Avoid clogged toilets just by flushing many times.